Saturday, October 19, 2013

ADVOCACY - Early Childhood Education Caucus Capitol Press Event

On 10/16/13 I was blessed with the opportunity to speak at the PA Capitol during an amazing Early Childhood Education Caucus press event.  The gathering focused attention on Early Investment and highlighted how critical Early Intervention and Early Childhood Education programs are for children and families across Pennsylvania:

Chloe reads at grade level thanks to Early Intervention

Chloe and our family have become strong advocates for children and families in PA, and they meet with policymakers frequently to show ABILITIES and how early investment always yields a positive return for every citizen. Chloe has become friends with Governor Corbett and several other legislators, and she shows many that “The smallest voice can make the largest impact.”

Sunday, October 13, 2013

The world doesn’t know what it’s missing!

"Chloe Kondrich is an energetic and delightful little girl. Together, Chloe and her father Kurt have become advocates for individuals with Down syndrome.  Even as a child, she’s proving that nothing holds her back from fully enjoying life."