Saturday, January 15, 2011

Grove City College Chapel

On Tuesday 02/08/11 Chloe's Dad will be speaking at Grove City College Chapel about what a Priceless Blessing and Light children with Down syndrome are the world!

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  1. Kurt and Chloe,
    I became aware of you both and your calling today when a FB friend linked your "Incorruptible" article to my page. I also have not 1 but 3 daughters with Ds. Lillian Grace is my bio daughter born in Mar.'09. She came to us as Chloe came to you with a prediction by our OB that she was perfect. We also agree with that prediction.Lillian was born by emergency c-sect at 34wks, 4# due to placental failure. My husband had the entire OR delivery team in tears as he kept proclaiming,"she's beautiful, she's perfect", over and over. They could hear him down the hall and in the surrounding work areas. It took the pediatrician less than a minute to tell him "I am sorry but there is a problem, she has several markers for DS." My husband didn't skip a beat but continued with, "she's beautiful, she's perfect".
    We believe God sent us Lillian to prepare me to say "yes" to adopting her 2 sisters from Eastern Europe. You see, 10 hours out Lillian crashed on us. Even though we had done 2 echos of her heart during before birth and were told she had a perfect heart. She in fact came to us in heart failure with multiple congenital defects and severe pulmonary hypertension. They did her first heart surgery and then she remained an inpatient until late August, waiting for her to grow big enough for the Open heart that she needed to survive. In that month her dr.s told us they were discharging her as she was not a candidate for open heart. She would not live without it BUT she would not live through it. They encouraged us to bring her home and "love her while we have her". After discharge she arrested 3 times in 10 days. Each time God, thru his immeasurable grace and mercy for us as her parents, brought her back to earthly life. Thru prayer God led us to CHoP. We turned our suburban into an ambulance and drove her there covered in prayers for protection and provision. Once at CHoP she was immediately placed in the CICU as they tried to get her strong enough to survive the surgery she needed. She was 7months and 6#. 10 days in she was at a place where they were not sure she would make it thru OHS but she was losing ground everyday. Dr. Thomas Spray met with us before surgery and told us she was so fragil he would do his best. We may have to do her repair in 2 or 3 surgeries to have her survive. Her told us about 5 hours. 1.5 hours later the nurse called us to tell us he wanted to meet with him in the conf. Rm. We prepared ourselves to hear she had not survived. BUT God had his hand on them both. He told us he had never had a sugery go so smoothly. She was doing great and had a PERFECT HEART! 8 weeks later during a cath to check her repair and set levels for meds for pulmonary hypertension before discharge, they discovered her PH was completely GONE. They had innitally told us because of the severity of her PH and CHD she would need a lung transplant when she was between 5 and 8. God has donea miracle of healing in our LIllian Grace. Today she is thriving and on NO medications or O2. She is working on walking, speaking and signing, all they predicted she would NOT accmplish until 5 or so. We believe God gave us Lilian to prepare us to say "Yes" to adopting her sisters when we became aware of their circumstance; Lera last April and Anastasia in Nov. Both girls are 5 and have been institutionalized because they have DS. We have hear God's call to go and are obedient to that call. We are trying to bring them home before sumer. You can join us on this journey at
    God's richest blessings cover Chole and your family as you go forward in the mighty purpose He has given you.