Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Women of Grace Television Show

The 2 TV episodes I taped for "Women of Grace" on EWTN are now available for viewing online. Please pass this on, and now more than ever we need to raise our voices and show the world what a Priceless Blessing children with Down syndrome are.

Navigating the System: How to Be An Advocate (Program 10230)

"The only disease that needs to be "eradicated" is the culture of death we live in with its twisted mandates for perfection. If Down syndrome is a disease then the world needs to catch the symptoms and spread them quickly - unconditional love, purity, innocence, honesty, and an incorruptible spirit of Light!"

Preparing for Loving Challenge (Program 10229)

"Having a child with a disability allows you to quickly discover the true heart and core of people, and Chloe and all children with disabilities are a wake-up call to a world obsessed with perfection, instant gratification and self."
Posted by Chloe at 9:29 AM


  1. Chloe is beautiful and I look forward to watching your WoG shows. I love all of the legislators and athletes Chloe has met. I pray she is making a huge difference in how our children are viewed. I have 5 children, my 4th is John Michael (3 1/2) and he has Ds. He's an absolute JOY and I also very much agree with your thoughts on early intervention. There's no limits to what our kids can do...

  2. Hi Kurt,
    Thank you for all the work you do and the beautiful way in which you do it. I have an adopted daughter with Down Syndrome, who inspired me to write a trilogy of novels, which are both subtly Catholic and pro-life. The main character, Lily, who has Down Syndrome, is the catalyst for bringing those around her what ever they've been lacking -- courage, forgiveness, love, mercy. I'd love to send you a copy. You can view my website at
    God bless you.
    Sherry Boas, author
    The Lily Trilogy